August 8, 2020


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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle:

One question that arises in everyone’s mind that “how to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle”

If we discuss more than it’s about socially, physically, and physiologically well being. So, what do you think you are healthy or not?  And if you fulfill all the categories of being healthy then congratulations, if not then what to do?

A man jogging in the morning
A man jogging in the morning

So how to lead a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle. Just follow these cool steps:

Nutritional Plan:

Follow on the healthy nutritional plan which includes protein, fats, fiber, and vitamin. This makes your immunity stronger and gives you a healthy lifestyle so let’s follow the nutritional plan for health.

* Use meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, milk, cheese, yogurt in your diet.

* Drink more water and immunity booster drinks. Not actually the sting and other cold drinks.

Here are some drinks that you can make at home by yourself:

  1. Lemon + cumin+ honey + water.
  2. Lemon + mint + water

Bad Eating Habits:

Health is the most important part of our lives and what we should do for a healthy lifestyle? Nothing like nothing at all. Just think if we are not healthy and fit then how can we fulfill our dreams.

Never to do Steps :

  1. Diet plan which is unhealthy.
  2. Cold Drinks.
  3. Don’t forget to take a light meal at night time.
  4.  Midnight cravings.


Healthy Sleep:

What is healthy sleep?

On average, adults should optimally receive between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, but those needs vary individually. For example, some people feel best with eight consecutive hours of sleep, while others do well with six to seven hours at night and daytime napping.

Here are some statements about your sleep. If these apply to you, it’s a good sign that your sleep is on track. If you’re a shift worker and you don’t agree with many of these, it could mean that you need to make changes in your behaviors and routines to improve your sleep.

  • You fall asleep within 15-20 minutes of lying down to sleep.
  • You regularly sleep a total of seven to nine hours in a 24-hour period.
  • While in your bed, your sleep is continuous—you don’t have long periods of lying awake when you wish to be sleeping.
  • You wake up feeling refreshed as if you’ve “filled the tank.”
  • You feel alert and are able to be fully productive throughout the waking hours (note, it’s natural for people to feel a dip in alertness during waking hours, but with healthy sleep, alertness returns).
  • Your partner or family members do not notice any disturbing or out of the ordinary behavior from you while you sleep, such as snoring, pauses in breathing, restlessness, or otherwise nighttime behaviors.



We know daily exercise is good for optimizing health. But with so many options and limitless information available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what works. But not to worry. We’ve got your back.

Check out the 5 exercises you can do for ultimate fitness. Combine them into a routine for a workout that’s simple but powerful and sure to keep you in shape for the rest of your life.

1. Pushups

Twenty pushups are one of the most basic yet effective bodyweight moves you can perform because of the number of muscles that are recruited to perform them.

2. Squats

Squats increase lower body and core strength, as well as flexibility in your lower back and hips. Because they engage some of the largest muscles in the body, they also pack a major punch in terms of calories burned.

3. Situps

Situps are an effective way to target your abdominal muscles. If you have lower back problems, stick with a crunch, which requires just your upper back and shoulders to lift off the ground.

4. Bent Knee Pushups

A great starting option if you struggle with the correct form using a full Push-Up.

5. Cobra

Cobra is one of the best wakeup exercises in the morning. Do cobra and spend your day with ultimate freshness.


Factors That Can Affect Health:

These Factors are as mentioned below:

  1. Financial issues.
  2. Social problems
  3. Family Disturbance
  4. Job insecurity
  5. More expectancy from others.
  6. Environmental changes.
  7. Children’s future.
  8. Genetic diseases.
  9. Too much thinking
  10. Complex regarding skin color, hair, height, etc.
  11. Passive smoking.
  12. Excess use of cold drinks.
  13. Seld medication.
  14. No physical activity.
  15. Sleep Disorders.

The main factor that can affect health is stress. Stress will ruin your health and makes you weaker day by day.

So the best therapy for stress is smile. A smile releases your stress and does medication. So keep smiling and stay healthy and safe. Hope so now you will able to answer that one important question “How to lead a Fit and Healthy Lifestyle”

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