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Copywriting Skills


Copywriting Skill is one of the greatest skills in the world of freelancing and is considered as a hot cake for freelancers. So lets start with a question, Are there the highest paying freelance careers without a degree? Currently in the United States, 36% of the workforce is self-employed, and by 2027 this is expected to reach 50% of the freelance workforce.

Basically, this means they work and get paid for contract work. Most freelance jobs are actually low-wage, which means they are generated almost below minimum wage.

The reason behind this is that most jobs are low-paying skills that don’t require much training and upgrading. These are tasks like transcription, transcribing a video into words, administrative duties, virtual assistants, and all of these tasks are paid less than minimum wage. If you want to be a freelancer, it won’t pay well right away, you need to focus on what we call high earning skills.

Difference between high income and low income skills

What is the difference between high income skills and low income skills? Businesses are willing to pay top dollar for people who can help them make money. If you are able to help a business generate let’s say a hundred thousand dollars more revenue or profit over a month, they would be happy to pay you ten thousand dollars 10%. It makes sense you are doing good getting compensate for 10% results you generate so that’s what we mean by those who control the rain control the game and here is one of the careers the freelance careers that helps you control the rain and it’s a career that most people will actually don’t know about it’s called copywriting.


Most of the people do not know what Copywriting is, it is simply selling through words. It is when you see advertisements on Facebook, commercials on TV etc. Sometimes when you see copies even when you look at movie scripts, anything that involves words, it is called copywriting. Now copywriters are one of the highest paid freelance careers in the world according to the American writers, they get paid $100 for a Facebook ad, $250 for an email and $1500 for a website or $5,000 for a full sales page plus some commission.

Right now some copywriters are even making over seven figures just from commissions and that is because copywriters help other businesses generate more money when you use your words to help sell to the masses. When you generate more revenue, the companies will be more than happy to pay you top dollar for helping generate more businesses.

Copywriting skills needed for success

There are no formal qualifications needed for being a copywriter. Much like other forms of writing, copywriting is democratic and accepting for all walks of life, levels of education, background and so on. However, having some of the skills below will make it much easier for you to produce a successful copy.

  • Refined writing skills
  • Sense of Adventure and curiosity
  • Stellar research skills
  • Ability to create something new
  • An understanding of user experience
  • Writing with empathy

Copywriting platforms

Nowadays there are many platforms available where an individual can sell his freelancing skills as a Copywriter. Few of the top best freelancing platforms are stated below:

Although at some platforms, the competition could be high but it’s worth doing hard work learning new skills which definitely promises a good pay.

Copywriting skill courses

Copywriting Skill is not a rocket science these days, all you need is an availability of good laptop and internet. There are many platforms where you can find free online courses on Copywriting with good coaches. The said platforms include, there are loads of free tutorials in almost all major languages where one can easily find suitable videos and guidelines. Another great platform is Udemy, where you can find bunch of

All in all, Copywriting can be a very lucrative freelance career or business. The client budget will vary depending on their company or size of the campaign. Like any industry, there are companies that are just starting out with a smaller budget. There are medium businesses that are more established. This is a skill that most people aren’t really aware of most people don’t even know about.

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