August 8, 2020


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Benefits of Moringa powder – Blog Beans

MORINGA and about it:

Benefits of Moringa powder

Most of us may be heard about Moringa nowadays but less of us know that the highly famed Moringa is commonly known as “Suhanjna’, ‘Sahanjna’. While in other languages it is also called as “drumstick tree” and some people called it as ‘a Miracle tree” too because of its miracle properties.

Yes, the honorable Moringa is the name of our most favorite dish of the season we eat suhanjna which is super deliciously cooked along with chicken, meat, and peas and served along with hot chapaties or wheat bread. Benefits of Moringa powder

Basics about Moringa:

It is native plant from Africa and Asia but commonly cultivated in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and India.

Normally there are many different species present but the most beneficial specie is Moringa oleifera.
Commonly present constituents in it are Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C, while others are isothiocyanates, flavonoids, carotenoids, phenolic acid, alkaloids, tannins and etc.

Benefit of Moringa powder:

It has a lot of benefits and uses not only for external beauty but also for the maintenance of internal health.
External use:
Its property of being antioxidant and anti-inflammatory is beneficial for skin to protect and treat against acne, wrinkle, and breakouts.
You can simply use it by making a mask of Moringa powder along with any liquid like rose water, yogurt, egg whites, or anything easily available to you and also depending upon your skin type. If you add pinch or two of turmeric powder in it You can also use it as a hair mask. As it has a powerful hair booster mineral “Zinc’. Also, antioxidant properties help to promote keratin production, restore hair growth, and repair damage.Benefit of Moringa powder

The other way to use it on hair is as hair oil which is obtained from Moringa seeds.


Moringa powder Nutrition

It helps to treat chronic diseases like diabetes, non-alcoholic liver disorders, high blood pressure, and also used as a weight-loss drink.
Only what you have to do is to take one to two Tbsp of Moringa powder and mix into half glass of water and drink it in the morning daily. It will give you magical results.

How to avail it:


If you are Native to Asia especially Pakistan or India. You can easily avail of it from your nearby village or surroundings. And if not then Many of the Homeopathic pharmacies, herbal medicine companies, and organic products companies are the easiest source of buying it



Moringa powder is may not be safe for the females who are pregnant as it can increase the uterine contraction.


It is not safe for nursing infants though it increases milk production but as there is no authenticity of safety for nursing infants so it should be avoided during breastfeeding.


As moring has laxative property so its prolonged use can cause diarrhea. So the person who has a metabolism disorder should avoid using it without doctor’s advice.

Underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism): There is concern that using moringa might make this condition worse. Benefits of Moringa powder

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