August 8, 2020


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In this era of Technology, humanity has come far enough to discover that our hunger for innovation is endless. Today, mankind has accomplished more than it was believed a 100 years ago. We are rapidly growing in the institutes of science and technology. Life is much easier, digital communication has replaced the stress of mechanical ways. Moreover, technology has provided us with the easiest way of communication, social media. It can be said that social media has brought us into a generation where you can talk to someone miles away with one touch on your smart phone, where you are inter-connected to the whole world. Where world is like a socially connected global village. Technology has provided us with ultimate entertainment. Some of the major trending applications for world level entertainment are Netflix, Amazon prime, DC official etc. Furthermore, a partial but important part is played by sports in entertainment. Sports like Cricket, Football & hockey have ruled entertainment in sports for almost over a century. Initially started by England, cricket rapidly won the hearts and attention of government. Historical records show that hockey has been played since Egyptian times. Football also initialled by England has special significance around the world and these sports are watched and enjoyed all around the world. Hence, many players who have earned significance has inspired people globally regarding their health. Having millions of followers, players like Cristiano Ronaldo has spread awareness about the health of people and Many others celebrities and political deities have done impressive work to make this world a better place in the aspect of health. Whilst poverty still has a massive ratio, Global issues like global warming, ozone depletion, health issues and hunger are being reduced. On November 05, 2018, it was confirmed by that in this decade, ozone depletion has reduced at the rate of 1% to 3%.
Blogs are necessary to spread information and awareness on going issues around the globe. An individual can share all their thoughts and values on a blog anonymously or privately.